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*Dear fans of Vanillerotica Literary EZine: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE forgive the absence of this magazine for SOOOO long. It’s been a STRUGGLE to keep up working plus a full time college schedule plus trying to find Executive and Intern help for this magazine. But rest assured that foremost is always how to be better to bring the best to this magazine. One day this publication will be in print as well as online. The zine is still taking submissions however, and entries will be read on a first-come-first-serve rolling basis.

**Starting in September 2015, the EZine has officially started expanding its web homes on other writing sites to gain more followers. In addition to starting the process of turning this EZine into an LLC, there are now  IMMEDIATE openings for Interns to help jump start the subscriber database. Please view the Contact Vanillerotica section for details.*

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