6. Special Features section: coming August 2018….

EROTIC BOOK REVIEW; “Dreamtime Sensuality” by David Russell. Blurb and review coming August 2018.
This EZine specializes in celebrating those who write Vanilla Erotica. It is also moving towards celebrating those who express a love of Erotica in other artistic forms – such as photography and comic books.


This section of the online magazine will focus on something different than Erotic Photography and Erotic Comic Books.

WHAT WAS FEATURED LAST TIME: There are spaces out there – such as blogs like Erotica Writer, The Erotic Writer, and organizations like The Erotica Readers and Writers Association – that have the biggest and most interactive networks on the web. Each month members post Guest Blogs where they discuss current trends in the Erotica Literary market. These are some of my personal favorites.
March 5, 2014: Just because you read it in a book… by Beth Wylde
March 22, 2014: What I learned by writing Erotica by willcrimson
Tuesday March 25, 2014: How Porn Made Me a Better Person by J.T. Benjamin
Sunday May 25, 2014: Is There a Man in the House? by Spencer Dryden
Leave a note under the pieces after your finished reading them. It’s never too late to comment and let the authors know their stuff rocks!

Are you interested in seeing opinion articles like this in the print version of this EZine? Send an email to talentdripseroticpublishing@yahoo.com .

Stay tuned for more articles like this in the coming publication months.


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