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April 2014 Short Story Submissions:
Cyber Dreams by AprilRN1210
Lying in bed, tempted by the possibilities of vocabulary and witty conversation, I hit the button for random opponent. This time of the night you never know what you will get. Wanting stimulating conversation and friendly competition, I am pleasantly surprised when you show up in the “my turn” column of my game.
I choose my first word carefully. We introduce ourselves and begin talking. Your witty comebacks with each comment are refreshing. I feel the connection almost immediately.
You are interesting and we have a lot in common… You make me smile and laugh out loud at my phone screen. You place intelligent words and are humorous with your dialogue. The more I learn about you, the more I want to know.
I, of course, win the first game- as I am very good when I put my mind to something. You eventually start winning some of the games. We actually talk more than play the game over the next few days. It is something I look forward to. You are creative, intelligent, funny, and I enjoy talking to you.
You are one of the most intriguing people I have ever met.
The more we talk and get to know each other, the more I feel like a magnet is drawing me in, then pushing me away, and drawing me in yet again. The attraction begins to intensify as it tends to do. Late night talk begins to have more and more tension and teasing. Flirtatious dialogue continues between us.
You make it known that you are very interested and begin to pursue me. I enjoy the chase and the intense attention. It makes me feel like a woman once again, as these emotions and sensations begin to emerge that were long forgotten.
Sensual talk occurs and becomes very erotic. It is stimulating to say the least. It causes the tension to intensify to epic proportions. Fantasies begin to develop plaguing my dreams and waking hours.
I go to sleep at night aching.
As I begin drifting off to sleep, I see this handsome man standing at my door. You smile and say “we may not have reality, but your dreams belong to me.”
My heart begins to speed up, my mouth dry, and I stand frozen unable to move.
You slowly walk towards me like a predator taunting his prey. I am mesmerized by the playful confidence exhibited in your manner. Your eyes show lust and intent to cash in on the erotic promises from earlier conversations.
I begin to hear the pounding of my heart in my ears with each step closer. My body begins to feel fight or flight adrenaline pumping throughout my system.
My feet finally realize they are attached to my body and allow me to back away from the door as you cross the threshold.
Without missing a beat, you close the door with your foot as you enter. I keep backing away unsure of what to expect as fear begins to trickle into my panicked consciousness.
You stop, raise your first finger motioning for me to come here with a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye. I stop backing away and just look as another round of tingles shoot throughout my body.
“Don’t be afraid, I will not bite….. hard” you laugh.
I can’t help but smile as you tease me. I feel the fear ease and the sexual tension increase. I nervously bite my bottom lip without thinking; you begin to stare at my lip with increasing lust. I feel the blush staining my cheeks when I realize I am turning you on with my nervous habit.
I lower my eyelashes and look up at you. “Don’t tease me Mia” the smile on your face disappears.
In its place I see pure unadulterated lust. It shoots down to my core and makes me feel giddy and lustful at the same time.
You motion again for me to come here and voice the command as well. It definitely is not a request.
“Come here” your voice booms.
My body instinctively responds. I feel myself moving towards you as if watching from outside my body. The closer I move towards you, the more confident I become as I see the lust building in your eyes and the tension increasing in your muscular frame.
I take advantage of this newfound confidence and slowly open my mouth. I trace my lips with my tongue sighing sexily. I take my finger- touching lightly along my neck, down my chest, into the valley between my breasts. I pull on the collar of my shirt to show more of my milky white soft breasts.
I make the mistake of looking into your eyes at that moment and the intensity I see there makes my heart skip a beat.
OMG. I feel that shoot all the way to my toes.
How can you unnerve me with just one look? I stop a fraction in front of you unable to complete the distance. Without breaking the trance you have me under, you walk up to me, grab me by the waist with one hand and take your other hand and loop around my neck threading fingers in my hair.
You bring your face close to mine, your breath teasing my lips. You take your other hand and thread it on the other side of my neck and look deep into my eyes.
Time seems to stand still.
It feels as if I am falling into you, that we are connected on a cosmic level, like we were made for each other. It feels so right, so natural, so déjà vu. It is like you and I have done this over and over across many lifetimes
Finally I feel your soft lips touch mine, gently, lightly feathering across mine.
mmm I tease your lips with mine.
I turn my head slightly so I can deepen the kiss. I feel more pressure exerted on my neck as your head turns and I feel your tongue slowly enter my mouth teasing my tongue.
The sparks shoot from my tongue to my chest down to the wetness emerging. The rhythm begins to quicken, brain starts getting fuzzy. It feels as if I am drowning in you; breathless and unable to think, I feel your hands slide down my body.
My body is overwhelmed with sensations.
I feel you unbutton my shirt and it falls to the side. Your hands instantly begin caressing the top of my breasts as they are exposed, but the kiss has me hypnotized. Unable to do anything but continue to be immersed in you, I feel my bra skillfully removed.
My breasts spring free- nipples erect. Bright red peaks stare at you as the kiss is broken.
You are unable to keep your mouth away when such an irresistible temptation is finally exposed. Your warm mouth against the cold atmosphere is a sensual contrast on my nipples.
Your mouth begins devouring the delicacy offered causing my eyes to roll back.
The moan that escapes unconsciously causes me to tingle even more. You begin suckling and pinching, causing me to go wild and juices continuing to flow.
I begin stroking your arms and shoulders up and down attempting to get your shirt off. You realize what I want and help me remove your shirt. Soft smooth skin meets my hands. I want to know how you taste, how you feel. I want to know every inch of you. I lean over and begin kissing and licking along your shoulder blade, unable to control myself.
Mmm salty and manly.
You taste as good as I had imagined.
I keep going lower and tease your nipples the same way you did mine flicking my tongue side to side; you moan with pleasure. I go lower- unsnapping, unzipping, and begin removing your pants, then your boxers as I kneel down in front of you.
You are holding your breath as I sigh at the wondrous sight before me.
I take you in my hands as you sigh, stroking you slowly. I look up at you as I lean forward tongue extended; you look down at my blue-green depths and release that breath you were holding.
I begin teasing the tip with my tongue circling around, flicking the sensitive spot underneath. I slowly envelop you in my mouth as you feel the warmth surrounding it.
Pressure begins building with the intensity of sensations that are shooting throughout your body. I stroke you up and down in rhythm with my mouth-driving you crazy.
You grab my long black hair and guide your pulsating hardness in and out, thrusting your hips against my mouth. You begin moving faster as I suck harder-stroking frantically. I begin gagging as I feel you in the back of my throat.
You moan louder.
Makes me tingle knowing I am pleasing you and it is so damn hot.
You grab me by my hair and pull me up to kiss me passionately. I feel my pants being pulled off quickly and panties ripped aside.
Kiss continues as you guide me into the bedroom. I feel your fingers begin teasing my clit, small circles that cause my entire body to shake and tingle.
My feet feel like they want to give out from under me as you continue to assault my body with delicious sensations. I feel my back against the bed as you continue kissing and teasing me.
I feel your finger slowly glide down to my opening.
I feel you increase the pressure as you go ever so slowly, torturing me as I try to grind against your finger; you quickly remove it. I wiggle my hips towards you feeling your finger resume its assault. I try grinding again, and you remove it yet again.
It’s driving me crazy the need to feel you, to have you fill me, to have you inside me.
You finally push your finger all the way in and take it all the way back out. Over and over you go in and out in and out. I begin moaning and grinding uncontrollably.
You finally break the kiss and turn me around, bend me over the bed and I feel your engorged head teasing my lips. Up and down you begin teasing me- coating it in my juices. Up and down, you hear me whine, “please” I beg you.
You thrust it in all at once and I moan with pleasure, yet you take it all the way back out again.
Thrust it all the way back in, and take it all the way back out again, in and out, I moan mmmmmmm, with each thrust and ahhhhhh with each removal.
It is making me soaking wet and driving me insane.
You finally have enough teasing me and begin thrusting harder and faster deep into me. You grab my hips and pull me against you with each thrust.
You grab my hair and pull me back against your chest.
Hands wrap around and begin fondling my breasts as you thrust feverishly within me.
I can no longer do anything but feel as I am completely lost in the sensations of you and me. My hips are grinding against you in a circular motion as I want you in as deep as possible-touching every surface inside me.
You take one hand and begin teasing my clit and I feel the pressure building, unable to control it I feel the orgasm overtake me as spasms tear through my body. My spasms cause you to pulsate and drive you over the edge as well.
We both collapse on the bed and lie there holding each other. I begin to hear the faint beeping of an alarm and look up to see what it is… I am about to ask you what the noise is, when looking up, I see an empty bed and my alarm clock going off.
Did I just dream that?
Why is my body throbbing?
Wow. I’ve heard of wet dreams before, but to wake up body still pulsating and soaking my panties is another thing.

June 2014 Short Story Submissions:
No acceptable entries 😦

August 2014 Short Story Submissions:
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