2. New Poetry coming 2018…


April 2014 Poetry:
`Possession` by Fran Marie

You have that certain animal magnetism
you seduce me with
the power of passionate possession
Such a complete romanticism
which leaves me breathless
drinking you in is my one true passion
You’re a sublime sensual eroticism
which erupts into my womb of warmth
a sinful satisfaction of dominate obsession
Penetrating deep within my sanctuary’s chasm
my lover you fill the empty void I feel
oozing with ecstasy of lustful orgasms

Sadly I lie and wait eagerly for your return
and once again to your possession, will I yield
AWAKE THE NYMPH by Jade A. Waters
One thrust and she’s done for—
An eternity of logic, of peace
Is washed away in this flood
This bath of wonder that
Engulfs him, drowns him
And makes her cry for more.
All thought of protest
Lined up so carefully within her mind
Is frozen still, her body overtaking
All the reason, the words
As she quivers beneath him.
A tingle of passion has entered her world
Ensnared her soul
Reopened, ignited
The longing she’s fought to hide from
For so long
Her lust gaining control
Over all she can think to say.
For she moves, rolls, pushes
Through this ocean
Over these waves
Of breathlessness,
His sweetness plunging
Into hers, driving
All of it away until
She whimpers aloud
Feral, needed,


June 2014 Poetry:
Untitled 1 by Michael Faust

the shape of your bare belly

under me is innocence

pink little nipple

hard between my teeth

your breast clouding my face

your thigh blessing my hand

my place is there

tender as mourning

fierce as grief

I rear up wanting more

prying your angel wings apart
Smoking Hot by Maura Gage Cavell

Magnolia scents mixed with apricot and wine,
the tastes lingering on our bare skin,
a silky satin feeling remaining
as heat settles where his powerful touch
had slid inside and around. Make a wish
in this twist of his fingers, the opening
of lips like petals teased into a vibrant
turn, sand pink and charmed to release.

His bursting energy–a woodsy scent,
had left her his gypsy wandering
over the sheets, sun-bleached, burning,
the taste of him, still feeling
the shape of him where he’d slipped into–
igniting them both–smoking hot.
Under a Silken Midnight Sky by Maura Gage Cavell

Outside at midnight’s velvet seam,
when it’s cool, we’ll lie back on a cobalt blue blanket,

soft, under the stars, some honey colored,
the paint-brush streaked moon witnessing

our wildflower fingerprints on each other’s glistening skin.
Open-thighed, I ride over blue smoke and through a red wine

passage to joy, wine glasses, sticky,
left the grass, a slight rain as you shift inside,

my juices wetting you as you thicken,
the shadow-play of the sky catching glimpses

of our delight; you burn through me,
holding on, a dampness in this garden

of green apples, your hands traveling over
the various terrains of my body; my hands

on your chest, yours on my waist,
our muscles driving you deeper,

your hands–now one pulling one breast to your mouth,
the other tugging the other breast’s nipple,

then slips lower to the dancing parts of me,
the air drifting over us, and our eyes glaze over

with deeper desire, even in the dark,
my white rum wetness pouring over you.

Then you feed me your seed as I move down,
you knowing how much I love you then,

the exultation, the moon’s light shining over us,
your strawberry mint scent sending me spinning

inside my mind–as our closeness grows–
our touching allowing us to see a glimpse
of what’s sacred.


August 2014 Poetry:
Arise In Me Your Passions by Poetic Nuance

Undress me, turn me naked
Let me melt in your arms today,
Every desire within, be truly sated,
Make me lose in this game we play.

Let the darkness of the night,
Be ablaze with our passions,
Enduring be this fight,
Wearing down chaste bastions.

Let the steam of our ardour
Run rivulets over leathery lands,
Journey into a roaring flame, together,
As we succumb to our mortal demands.

Let every quarter be given,
Nothing held back in shame,
No fancy to be shun,
Wantonness, know no tame.

Fashion desire from my clay,
Extend me no courtesy,
Turn into each other’s prey,
And let us scream in ecstasy,

Break my pieces into whole,
And consume me coarsely,
Ravish me body and soul,
And I shall possess you truly.
*NOTE: ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS POEM. Not just because its beautifully written, but the image just happens to be the scenario I’m basing one of my newest short stories off of – so yeah; this poet HAD to win this contest just by default, lol.


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