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KyAnn Waters is a multi-published, Award-winning, Erotic Romance Writer. She’s published with Carina Press, Ellora’s Cave, Samhain Publishing, Siren Publishing, The Wild Rose Press, and Total e-bound. She also does self publishing under K.Ink publications.



1. You have a husband and two kids – where do you find the time to write all these books??!!_____________________________________________________________
I have a very blessed life. My husband is super supportive of my writing and when I need alone time to write, he’ll take the boys to a movie. I also have an old Alpha Smart and I take it EVERYWHERE. Soccer practice, marching band competitions, and outside on the patio to enjoy my gardens.
2. How did you find all the places you publish?
In the beginning, from writer friends. If an author wants to publish their stories, it’s up to them to find the publisher that will best meet their needs. Does the publisher have a strong, good reputation publishing what you write? Most writers are readers. Where do your favorite authors publish their books? That is always a good place to start.
3. Do you see more book sales in one genre over another?
Not really, although some stories have resonated with readers more than others. I write for me, write the stories swirling around in my head and hope readers enjoy them as much as I did. But I don’t sweat the sales. I don’t really sweat the reviews. I know not every book can be a best seller and I know not everyone will love what I write, but for those that buy my books and do enjoy the stories, I keep writing for them.
4. Do you do any work with Erotic Readers and Writers Association?
Only as a resource, I don’t have any affiliation with them through my writing.
5. How did you get your own app??!!
I love the App! Onseekers designed my app. However, sadly they are no longer working with authors to build platforms for Apple or Android.
6. What projects are coming up in the future for you?
Next is a 10 author digital boxed edition due out later this summer. The set is m/m erotic romances set on a college campus. Look for my story Private Lessons. I also have a sci-fi, Taking Command, coming to the Wild Rose Press. And I’m happily in the writing chair working on a couple other projects, A cowboy BDSM and an emotionally scarred woman who finds herself drawn to the BDSM world.
7. Do you have an agent?
Not anymore. We parted ways when I decided to pursue digital publishing. Submitting to most small/electronic presses does not require an agent. I think once my boys are grown and out of the house, I can revisit my career path, but right now, where I’m at with writing and publishing works for me.
8. Do you think Erotica writers should seek agents?
That’s an individual decision. Agents work hard for their cut and are necessary to open doors to some publishers. However, if an author is choosing to go with small/electronic publishers, an agent isn’t needed.




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