The print edition of this magazine will be printed the first of January, March, May, July, September, and November.

It will include 10 poems; 3 short stories; an interview with an Editor, Publisher of Erotica, or Agent who acquires Erotic authors; 4 photographs; an Erotic Comic Book; and a Short Story Writer of the Year contest.

What Vanillerotica needs from its readers is a clear sense of whose reading the online version and who would like a print version mailed to them regularly.

Send an email (with the header Possible Print Subscriber) to talentdripseroticpublishing@yahoo.com and you will be sent a short survey containing statistics questions – to get a better sense of the demographics the print version will serve. Once this is returned, you will receive a “Willing to Commit” form confirming that your willing to subscribe to the print version.

Once at least 65 “Willing to Commit” forms are collected, the print process will be underway!

Hopefully alot of you are fans of this zine and want to see it flourish beyond the computer screen as well 😉

Love, and much more success,

Kim; Chief Editor of Vanillerotica.

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