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*Dear fans of Vanillerotica Literary EZine: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE forgive the absence of this magazine for SOOOO long. It’s been a STRUGGLE to keep up working plus a full time college schedule plus trying to find Executive and Intern help for this magazine. But rest assured that foremost is always how to be better to bring the best to this magazine. One day this publication will be in print as well as online. The zine is still taking submissions however, and entries will be read on a first-come-first-serve rolling basis.

**Starting in September 2015, the EZine has officially started expanding its web homes on other writing sites to gain more followers. In addition to starting the process of turning this EZine into an LLC, there are now IMMEDIATE openings for Interns to help jump start the subscriber database. Please view the Contact Vanillerotica section for details.*
***Make sure you click the “Continue reading” button below for the rest of this front page; especially the EZine’s extended explanation on the difference between Erotica and Pornography and the Reading/Submission period schedule.**


(Mmmm, very Erotic Content on here.

This blog contains adult material. If you are under 19 years of age, please go. If you are over 19, read on; but be warned; this blog contains erotic poetry, fiction, and links to sites that are even MORE adult in their content and containing adult images as well. BE FOREWARNED.)

The Mission:


The mission of Vanillerotica is to focus completely on showcasing new voices in Romantic Erotic Fiction.

So what’s the EZines’ take on the difference between Erotica and Pornography?


Erotica is a form of Romantic Fiction that takes a situation further than first base; it goes underneath to expose the feelings each party has about the situation and about each other; but stops short of just pointless one-time rumps in the sack. Pornographic stories may or may not have a plotline, and tend to ONLY focus on the highly physically descriptive carnal rump in the sack. There are no emotions exhibited other than lust, and filled with what reads like stage directions (i.e. She sucked his cock till he came or She licked her pussy over and over till she came). These stories are only meant to only create a jerk-off or rub-out response and not entice the reader to care about these characters, the plot, the message behind the story, or even the craft of the writing. Basically, if it reads like a pornographic movie, its no longer an erotic story – its Pornography.

What kind of Erotica is Vanillerotica looking for?


Vanillerotica is looking for romantic erotic poems and stories that takes your breath away with emotion – but also focuses on the physical act of expressing sexuality.



Vanillerotica is published the first day of every February, April, June, August, October, and December. Interviews with Agents and Editors come out January, March, May, July, September, and November. (This will soon change to the Agent/Editor interviews only being available to members via the print issues.)


Submission and Reading periods:


*February issue: Submissions welcome from January 1st-24th. Reading starts 25th-29th.

~~~*April issue: Submissions welcome March 1st-25th. Reading starts 25th-31st.

~~~*June issue: Submissions welcome May 1st-25th. Reading starts 25th-31st.

~~~*August issue: Submissions welcome July 1st-25th. Reading begins 25th-31st.

~~~*October issue: Submissions welcome September 1st-24th. Reading begins 24th-30th.

~~~*December issue/Erotic Poet of the Year contest: Submissions welcome November 1st-24th. Reading begins 24th-30th.

NO READING OF SUBMISSIONS WILL OCCUR ON THANKSGIVING EVE OR THANKSGIVING. Reading periods are subject to change due to time constraints.


Vanillerotica asks that authors submit only through email at PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – submissions should be in the body of the email so there is no confusion with attachments.When submitting please put title, author’s name, author’s contact phone, author’s email address, and word count (for Short Story submissions only – NOT for Poetry Submissions). Please head the email Vanillerotica submission. Entries are not returned. Previously published pieces are acceptable – please mention such information when submitting so Vanillerotica can note the information if the work is chosen.

Poets are paid $10 for each poem accepted and Short Story writers are paid $15 for each piece accepted. Up to 3 Poets and 3 Short Story writers are chosen each publication month (depending on the quality of the submissions). All entries will be listed on the site until a new issue is released. *(This will soon change to Authors’ work being listed in PDF form until they no longer wish it so.)

Poetry should be 30 lines or less. Short Stories between 5,000 and 10,000 words. Submissions are accepted during each off-publication month (see Submissions/Reading chart above). E-Queries are thoughtful but not required. All emails requesting feedback on the submission or requesting general feedback will be answered by order of receipt and according to time constraints.




Vanillerotica is looking for soft core erotic poems that takes your breath away with emotion – but also focuses on the physical act of expressing sexuality.
*Open to all; over the age of 19 that is.
*MUST be 30 lines or less.

*May submit up to 3 Poems.

*Winners will be selected by Chief Editor.

*Send submissions to

*Head Submission email Erotic Poet of the Year contest. *


Published on the front page of the EZine for a year; a certificate; $75 for 1st Place, $50 for 2nd Place. Payments and certificates can be expected at the end of March 2018.

The 2013 Erotic Poets of the Year were….
Shawn Purcell and C.A. Gruber!!!
These poems are the kind of poems that REALLY celebrate what Vanillerotica wants to put out into the world. They are extremely moving, romantic, powerful, and yet sexy, edgy, and erotic. Congratulations to both Poets for such wonderful contributions to the EZine.

*1st Place: Hinges by Shawn Purcell

What Hinges

Can I oil

To close the doors she opened?

How is it,

I can find,

So many places to hide in her

Coffee colored eyes?

And how does a smile

Flood the Chambers

Of a heart?


How come the juice her body

Excretes tastes so sweet to the tongue

As it meanders slowly into

My mouth?

And how is it? that the velvet night


The knife she turns in me?

**2nd Place: Heat by C.A. Gruber

Moaning and shifting,
the same man always
leads the way,
knowing what he wants,
understanding what he needs.

Turning and pressing,
opening himself
to the other
in the only way
that will satisfy,

he grunts and grinds
as his friend
thrusts and moans,
both men oblivious
to all but the heat

they can’t extinguish.
No words spoken
as they roll apart at last,
bodies struggling
to regain control.

Perspiration saturates
despite the summer wind,
the two men shivering
involuntarily, both knowing
the bodily reaction
is so much more
than just the
mountain breeze
cooling the sweat from
their brilliantly-charged skin.

These poems will be displayed on the front page of this E-Zine till new winners are declared. A certificate plus $75 for 1st Place poem, $50 for 2nd Place poem was sent out at the end of February 2014.

Editor’s Message:
Vanillerotica hopes all Authors, Agents, Editors, and spectators enjoy this EZine. Be sure to send email to let Vanillerotica know what you think (or to contribute poems, short stories, or ideas to make this EZine better). This site is updated frequently, so check back often!


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  1. “Talent Drips Erotic Literary EZine” was in fact a marvelous blog post, cannot wait to read through far more of your postings.
    Time to spend a bit of time on the internet lolz.
    Thanks for your effort ,Rosita

  2. Howdy! Someone in my Facebook group shared this website with us so
    I came to look it over. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m book-marking and will be
    tweeting this to my followers! Terrific blog and
    superb style and design.

  3. Sent story “Sinkholes” in December, 2015, and have not heard back. Be advised that I have revised the story to make it more vanilla, but it is still an erotic horror tale.

    Like to hear what you thought.

    D. D. Renforth

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